Tuesday, 8 January 2019

MAJOR PROJECT: (Lecture) Briefing

Major project - 18 weeks, inc. Easter & study week

Also think about:
- Degree show screening
- CV
- Showreel
- Media profile - blogger, LinkedIn
- Job searching

Major project submission - 10th May

Degree screening - 23rd May
Venue - Maidstone Studios

RTS future careers fair 2019 - 30th Jan 
Location: Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London N1 OQH

BBC Trainee Scheme

Channel 4 careers / talent

About BVE - www.bvexpo.com - 27th Feb - 1st March - Excel London

The Talent Manager

ITV Insight - Graduate programme

The Media Production Show - 11th-12th June - Olympia West Halls

Detail & scale for major project:
- Sound design
- Production stills - get a photographer on board
- Contracts and risk assessment

Organising but not forgetting the creative input 

- Police the amount of work 1st and 2nd years do
- Take lead in making sure the project is delivered in a suitable format - allow enough time for this
- Big projects don't render in a few minutes

R&D journal:
- HOW and WHY
- You must make it clear HOW your research affected your work

Key to success:
- Do not under produce
- The right cast
- Enough crew & the right crew
- Enough time
- Enough money - spending it in the right places
- Enough coverage (filming, picture & sound)
- Detail in all the details
- Communication

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