Friday, 7 December 2018

PRE-PRODUCTION: Updates Since Final Pre-Production Package

The final Pre-Production Package:

After we printed the Pre-Production Package some aspects of the production were updated. These included:

- Tess being removed from the final scene outside the pub
I didn't account for the fact that Tess had been removed from the scene outside the pub. As a result of Tess being removed from the last scene means that our budget has decreased slightly. It now stands at £1408.59. I came to this amount after subtracting her travel cost to Bearsted of £22.20 and her food costs of £17. 

- Diploma added as an extra prop
The diploma was in the first script draft and it had been removed. Once it was put back in I had completed my prop work so it wasn't included. This wasn't a problem as I had already created the diploma from when it was in the script first, so we can use this print out:

I created the University logo from scratch so we will not come across any copyright issues. I looked at different diplomas online and from people who I knew who have already graduated and found a font that was similar to theirs. As the props need to be believable in order to create a successful film, I made the diploma look as realistic as I could. In the first script, Tim created the diploma himself and we knew this because his name was spelt wrong, however, as it doesn't state this anywhere in the most recent script draft, I have changed the spelling mistake and spelt his name correctly. 

- Piece of paper with suspended written on it
In the most recent script draft there were a couple of new props added, one of these is a piece of paper with the word suspended on it. This will be easy to source as similarly to the diploma, I can create one and print it out ready for the shoot days. I will create one similar to the example below:

- Photograph in Tess's house
The photograph of a man holding an owl is another new prop added in during the latest script draft. The man is Tim's dad before he died. He was a vet and Tim is trying to follow in his footsteps. The idea of showing this is so the audience can get a bit of background information on Tim and they will be able to put his plea for his dad's tools together with the man in the photo holding the owl. I can source the photo frame myself and I can arrange a photo shoot at the Owl Academy before filming with a middle-aged man, holding an owl. This will work as we aren't at Tess's house until the end of the shooting period. As we know Tim's dad as being passionate about his job and having such a big love towards his animals, the photo should show a close relationship between the owl and the dad, rather than him having the owl at arms length. An example of the sort of photo I think will be most appropriate is below. We may not be able to get the owl to be on the mans shoulder but it's the closeness and relationship between the owl and dad that we'll need to see.

- Sheila's tissues have been removed
When Luke explains to Sheila about Sooty he hands her some tissues as she starts crying. However, this has been removed from the latest script. Nevertheless, we need tissues later in the story when Tim gets punched in the face by Mark. During this scene, Tess also mentions running out of Kleenexes, this will also be removed by the fact that Tess is no longer in this scene. Removing the Kleenex box means taking £1.50 off the budget, which leaves the budget at £1407.09. 

- I withdrew the money from the GoFundMe with a total of £18.92. This will go towards our budget. Between the three of us we'll now need to pay £469.03 and adding on the £18.92 from the GoFundMe, this makes the final budget £1426.01. 

Although these updates aren't in the pre-production package, I have accounted for them and changed the schedules and budget accordingly. The cast and crew have also been informed. This means we are up-to-date and are ready to enter the production stage of VET-MAN.

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