Friday, 7 December 2018

PRE-PRODUCTION: Risk Assessments for February Shoot Days

As the producer of VET-MAN, I am in charge of filling out each risk assessment for every location. In order to be prepared to film the final shoot for VET-MAN now, I need the risk assessments filled out ready to book out equipment. To fill out the risk assessments I looked back on each location recce. I took note of every hazard that I could think of at each location, and then wrote the control methods that came with them. In order to fill out the equipment loaned box I related back to my shooting schedule as I listed down the exact equipment we will need for each scene. 

Location 1: Tess's house (New Ash Green)

Location 2: Road and a drive (New Ash Green)

Location 3: A road (Margate)

Although this location is the same as Sheila's house (next risk assessment on Location 4), we will be filming on the road opposite, this poses different risks than filming outside therefore, it needed a separate risk assessment. 

Location 4: Sheila's house (Margate)

Location 5: The Kent Owl Academy (Maidstone)

Location 6: The Kent Owl Academy car park (Maidstone)

Although the car park is on the same site as The Kent Owl Academy, being near moving cars poses different risks to being around the animals. As a result of this, I had to complete a separate risk assessment for the car park scenes. 

Location 7: The Bell Inn (Bearsted)

Location 8: The Bell Inn car park (Bearsted)

Similarly to the car park at the academy, even though the car park at the pub is on the same site as the pub, they both pose different risks. As a result of this, they require separate risk assessments.

As stated in each risk assessment, the hazards are easily controlled and therefore, each location is low risk and we will be able to carry out filming as long as we follow the control methods I've listed on each form.

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