Wednesday, 16 August 2017

DIGITAL NEWS: (Lecture) Briefing
Skills to take forward into the unit:
- Sourcing stories & story-telling
- Sourcing contributors 
- Sourcing locations
- Scripting/writing to pictures 'tie writing'
- Interviewing
- Sequencing & actuality
- SWEFF!! - camera skills
- Good coverage
- Good sound
- Factual accuracy/fair dealing/impartially/balance
- Teamwork & communication
- Time management & organisation skills
- Interpret information & finding news articles

New skills:
- Reporting - on screen
- Fast turn around - 6 week project for us
- Online platform/branding/concept
- Studio presentation/news anchoring
- Sourcing talent

Unit aims:
A1 - Promote critical understanding (why?)
A2 - Facilitate the development of a creative methodology - the way in which we do it
A3 - Develop technical & collaborative skills
A4 - Develop group presentation & pitching skills

Video project brief:
- Develop your own original online news channel & produce content for that channel
- Find a brand which it will fit a particular audience
- Design your own branded digital online news
- Original title sequence
- Promotional package
- 1x news package
2'00'' - 2'30''
- 1x 'live' OB report with reporter on location
- Written material on the web page to further support your channel & explain its remit and purpose

- All video material on R&D journal 

- News channel web address to be clearly identified on the submission form

- Video has to SUSTAIN
- Speak to someone in the crowd
- Move on if it gets boring
- Good writing - don't keep repeating

General Notes
Action = reaction
If someone looks away we want to see what they're looking at

Good coverage - in a 2-shot get good cutaway & single shots

MCU - interview shot

Signpost - flag something up for audience at home

Cutaway to something which is relevant 

Create a stunt - person you've interviewed get them to do something relevant to the topic

Finish it nicely

Make sure 'who it's for' is clear

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