Sunday, 30 April 2017

DOCUMENTARY: Script Development

Script feedback
I sent a script to Helen over the Easter holidays, bearing in mind I haven't written a documentary script before I didn't think it was too bad. Helen gave me feedback and Callum and myself will be working on the feedback this week, improving the script. This so far has definitely been the hardest part and the idea of creating a documentary is starting to feel real. Now we have the base of our doc, I am looking forward to starting the edit and seeing the outcome. 

I was very happy with Helen's feedback, it was very helpful and we will be able to produce a much better script with this. 

At the moment we are onto Stonewall FC and the Gay Football Supporters' Network so while we keep contacting them we have put them both in the script, hopefully we will get through to at least one but we put it in so we have it planned just in case. 

Final script
Callum and myself just about finished our script on Friday and we were very happy with it. Considering we had not written a documentary script before and they are very different to a drama/film script, I think we did very well. It is also a rough copy, this just sets out what we want the interviewees to say and what shots we need to get.

I found it difficult to create a documentary script because we basically had to edit the doc and order it in the script which I would usually do after filming on Premiere Pro. Nevertheless, we completed it and Helen approved of it. We also sorted out the filming days which will take part this week over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and any more the following week. 

Our documentary script - 

Friday, 7 April 2017

DOCUMENTARY: Update with Helen

We had a chat with Helen to see what luck we had so far and unfortunately we had none. Helen helped us find some more contacts on the KickItOut website - Stonewall FC, Pride Sports (already emailed in previous post and heard nothing) and the Gay Football Supporters' Network. After the session I got onto the website to look for a contact and Jack tried to phone them. Again, no luck but Jack is going to keep trying over the Easter holidays. 

- Helen also said we need to follow each new lead and keep going with old leads so they don't forget about us
- Look into Graeme Le Saux
- Football Vs Homophobia website again
- Rainbow Laces campaign
- Stonewall - [email protected] - Ben Briggs

After the session I also emailed the Stonewall contact but again have heard nothing so far. We are determined to keep going though and we will have a representative to interview. 

DOCUMENTARY: Research Into Other Clubs & Campaigns

After our most recent chat with Helen about how our documentary research is coming along, she explained that we need to keep on at the people we are emailing and calling otherwise it'll just get forgotten and we will never get our interviewees. We looked at and found a couple more contacts, ones for Stonewall, Just A Ball Game? and The Gay Footballer Supporters' Network (GFSN) were the ones we thought were best to contact. I was allocated Stonewall FC, which is the worlds most successful gay football club. They are based in Barn Elms Playing Fields in London which is easy to get to for an interview as most of our filming will be done in London anyway. On their website they have also advertised that the newspaper The Sun had been to interview some people from the club and they were happy that someone was interested in getting their story out there, so with any luck they will be more than happy to send someone to talk to us.

Jack will be contacting GFSN and will hopefully set up an interview and Sophie is onto Just A Ball Game?. 

MAJOR PROJECT: Project Evaluation

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